3D Meditation Illusion Lamp

by MrLifeHack

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At MrLifeHack we believe a lamp should be both decorative & functional.

With this sentiment we created our 3D Illusion Night Light Lamp.

The design is a silhouette of neither man nor woman but of a divine being encompassing the wholeness & unity of our universe. It is meant to evoke feelings of calm, clarity and positivity.

This elegant lamp is nothing like you ever seen before and will bring a unique sense of style to any room.

It easily connects to any outlet or usb port as we include both usb cable & a wall plug.

Can't think of a gift idea? Our 3D Illusion lamp makes for a perfect gift for kids, adults, birthdays, holidays, housewarmings and any other occasion.

Let this lamp bring warmth, zen and positive energy to either your home or the home of a loved one today!
Dimensions: 10.4 x 8 x 2.2 inches