Expandable Garden Hose

by MrLifeHack

$31.97 $49.99
MrLifeHack Products

The Expandable Hose by Mrlifehack is a lightweight innovative solution for gardening and cleaning. 

This high quality fabric hose is able to expand to triple it’s starting size instantly and shrinks back down to take up minimum space in storage.

Not only is this hose lighter, easier to store, and more portable than standard hoses but it is also kink free.

Never again worry about your hose tangling and preventing water flow.

This expandable hose also comes with a premium spray nozzle with rubber handle grip, 8 Pattern rotating bezel and nozzle lock lever as well as a fabric drawstring carry/storage bag.

Whether you are watering your lawn, cleaning your backyard or washing your car the expandable hose by Mrlifehack is the superior method for getting the job done!
Diameter: 1.25 inches
Length: 50 ft