Inverted Umbrella

by MrLifeHack

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The inverted Umbrella by Mrlifehack is designed to close up in order to prevent the accumulated rain drops from dripping.

Never worry about getting your car, home or clothes wet again when closing an umbrella. The ergonomically designed rubber c-handle allows for hand freeholding and gives you the freedom to hold other items such as a drink, phone or groceries.

The umbrella is uniquely made to stand up on its own even when closed therefore saving you space.

The automatic open feature allows for easy opening of the umbrella with the push of a button.

The sturdy structure will prevent the umbrella from folding during strong wind gusts.

Brighten up your rainy day with Mrlifehack’s Inverted Umbrella.
Canopy Diameter: 43 inches
Height: 32 inches